• "The whole world deserves your love but very few people deserve your attention. Be conscious with who you give it to."

  • "Beware of trouble with a beautiful face. Demand ppl treat you well."

  • "Members of a species flock together. In other words members of a species need connection with each other.
    No one functions well in isolation."

  • “Some of the biggest contributors in society have got there because of extreme hardship so I encourage you to let your problems sculpt you in the direction of understanding and compassion, and not hatred and bitterness.“

  • "When someone gives you a compliment sometimes it's nice to take it without second guessing or using it as any tool other than what it's meant for."

  • "The arrow of time only points one way which makes it important to make decisions that are present and future orientated.
    Only looking into the past when you need more resources."

  • "To be a public figure at some point you have to conduct yourself as if you're larger than life.
    It’s useful to view all hiccups are temporary."

  • "I truly believe when we're young we're mis understand the imperfection that pervades humanity.
    As we get older we tend to appreciate with some humility and wisdom the challenges that make every one human."

  • "Your biography does not need to reflect in your biology."

  • "Ancient man stood, laid or squated but seldom sat. On average modern humans sit more than 50% of the time."

  • "When you learn from other people's experience, you're really learning other people's mistakes you don't need to make."

  • "Making anything in life is less important than maintaining it.
    Whenever I hear someone talking about making money, or finding a relationship, or something similar I know they haven't had enough life experience to understand asset allocation well.
    The real mastery in life is keeping the marriage, the assets, the relationships and navigating ups and downs. "

  • "Humility is one of the most under rated emotions."

  • "Every word you use is like a blade at the hands of a skilled surgeon.
    You need to be careful about how and where you cut."

  • "One aspect of managing conflict is: slowing it down, using 'I' statements and focusing on positive needs."

  • "In women consider satisfaction with primary relationships. In men consider loneliness."

  • "As a helping professional you need to get comfortable dealing with the entire spectrum of human emotion.

    If there's certain emotions you don't feel comfortable with you need to examine your associations to emotion, and meta emotions."

  • "Studies on categorical not situational domestic violence show these men are less effective at accepting influence from their partner."

  • "The antidote to defensiveness is to take some responsibility."

  • "After an argument men tend to stay physiologically aroused longer than women."

  • "Measuring is appropriate in marketing but - in intimate relationship it's often a sign that negative escalation has taken place.
    Leader and Jackson's work has been superceded we know now that if intimately you "give to get" We know anytime you're measuring a lack of reciprocation the relationship is failing. "

  • "Conflict is normal as intimate relationship grow. Management of this is crucial, and our belief systems towards conflict.
    If we think conflict in intimate relationship is bad we're likely to handle it poorly."

  • "Attach yourself to those who advise you rather than praise you."

  • "Most of us have lives that the majority of the planet would like to trade with. Don't pray for no problems. Pray for God's grace."

  • "You must teach people you have choice and value yourself and others. You can choose to make your life better."

  • "All human behaviour is belief driven."

  • "To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourself."

  • "There's a difference between overnight success and overnight recognition."

  • "Connection is the deepest human need, but certainty often is the strongest."

  • "I'm convinced people without a written to do list get nothing done."

  • "Always thank God for what you have - not what you've missed out on."

  • "Even if you don't have a great name, win respect for the one you have."

  • "Neither family, nor privilege, nor wealth, nor anything but love can light that beacon which a man must steer by when he sets out to live the better life."

  • "You can get anything you want in life but you can't get everything."

  • "Anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly. Good enough is perfect at first."

  • "You will never be so angry as when you feel love has been taken from you unfairly."

  • "You never get less insecure. You just realise most people have used it to create less drive than you."

  • "The brash of youth is confidence - the wisdom of age is cautiousness."

  • "There are multiple ways to say the same thing."

  • "Most human communication is what is not being said. Which means most human communication is not words."

  • "Healthy life is about adaptions to conditions."

  • "Music of all the arts ministers to the human spirit."

  • "You are a descendant of the past. You are a parent of the future."

  • "Always maintain a sense of grace and don't be dominated by your ego. Maintain a sense of humility."

  • "Some times you have to solve the moment, rather than solve the problem."

  • "Try to be upset at something rather than someone."

  • "When resolving conflict try to point the finger at yourself rather than other people."

  • "You haven't had a thought that someone in the last 2 million years hasn't had."

  • "We're animals that have evolved over 2 million years.
    The more you understand the software that runs your brain is outdated the more you will understand yourself."

  • "Humans make meaning through stories or narratives - and there's beauty in story."

  • "Presence or absense of contempt is a powerful prediction of long term relationship happiness which can be measured by physiology."

  • Women often get abused by people who say "I love you."

  • "Families need intentional ritualised ways to move through time."

  • "Anyone who wants to be close to a woman today needs to know her dreams and how to support them."

  • "Mate selection is the process of selecting genetic diversity."

  • "Relationship is a pattern of what you create when you're together."

  • "Smart people learn from everything and everyone. Average people from their experiences.
    Stupid people already have all the answers."

  • "Loneliness is the ultimate suffering for connection is the fundamental necessity of the human soul."