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    I’ve tried every legal way to maximise my performance, skills, and recovery as MMA is an extremely demanding sport physically to say the least.Will Shannon has given me the most insights of any practitioner for my recovery. Not only has my recovery and performance improved substantially, but I feel the best I have in years.I feel invigorated, my body feels clean, highly functioning and I highly recommend it. See him.

    Samiuela Kai Australian Superfight Heavyweight Champion , Australia

    Being a professional athlete the care of my body is up most priority in my living and performance on the pitch. From the first day of meeting Will I’ve felt at my peak. He’s result focused, extremely patient and tolerant with my fellow athletes, and equally with my family and friends of a non sporting background. It’s been invaluable having his knowledge, tools and experience in my life. I highly recommend him.

    Keanu Baccus St Mirren F.C. Scottish Professional Football League , Olympian, Australian Soccer International

    His knowledge, expertise, and service is second to no one. I’m very thankful. My health has improved, and I always appreciate the work!

    Cameron Merchant Married at First Sight winner 2019 , Australia

    Will Shannon and his team are doing not just a wonderful job at the community level but for human kind. Each individual is individually assessed, and the health strategies are applicable to everyone. The benefits to me personally have been immense.

    Aiman Randhawa Mr India Australia 2018 , India

    Will is a kind, humble and genuine human being. He’s driven by his passion to help others from all backgrounds in the global community. His positive input in many people’s lives has enabled us to keep momentum and motiviation. He’s played a key role in other people’s lives when they needed someone to move forward.

    Sandy Nand Miss Empower Australia 2018 , Australia

    “Will Shannon is a man of high integrity. He’s helped me a lot in the wear and tear that a professional athlete’s body goes through.”

    Ryan Mcbean NFL Superbowl winner , Baltimore Ravens

    Will dedicates his life to his work, and is one of the best in his field.

    Alice Su Miss Australia International 2017 , Australia

    Very good at what he does.

    Mark Elmowy Founder , Belle Property

    I thought my life was over until I met Will. I feel so well since taking his medicines.

    Lorrae Desmond A.M M.B.E First female gold Logie winner , A country practise, theater lyricist and former host of The Lorrae Desmond Show

    I have been a long term, and loyal client for many years. I love the care, and the results are impressive. I feel and look younger. Thank you!

    Lindi Fay Australian Television Presenter

    I have had outstanding results taking Will’s tonics and advice. Along with my friends I have experienced Will’s brilliant skills and restoration of my health and wellbeing. Will works miracles with his attention to each individual patient’s requirements. He remains in a class of his own. I consider Will Shannon Australia’s leading naturopath.

    Angela Belle McSweeney CEO , Racing Personality

    Will’s a genius. His expertise is used by many people in the public eye. I always feel amazing and benefit from his expertise. When I see him I feel energised and I lose weight. I highly recommend him to anyone.

    Priya Rai Entertainer , India

    Will’s a great gift to those in need. He’s also a very skilled herbalist. I send people to him when they want results – fast.

    Natasha Hanisi Director , Kikivi Education Centre

    Will’s a blessing. His work changes not just individual lives but families and communities. Together we have been able to contribute towards a positive solution in the epidemic that currently exists within the Pacifika community.

    Anthony Sofe Vice President , United Pasifika Council of Victoria

    I met Will after my debut with the Bellator MMA. I used Will’s knowledge to help overcome health issues that were bothering me. I’m grateful to Will for the support and the belief he’s shown me.

    Arlene Blencowe 2 x World boxing champion First Australian signed to female Bellator MMA , Australia

    Will’s the most generous spirit I know. I feel much better when I see him and my life was changed when I met him. He’s my go to person for anything health related.

    Therese Kerr Speaker & Author , Australia

    From the moment I met Will my life changed in many beautiful ways. He’s one of the most generous, kind, and gifted people I’ve ever met. Highly qualified in the healing field. Unassuming. He really cares about people and helping them to be well and live well.

    Chef Kate Mcaloon Health & Food , Australia

    Will’s the most generous spirit I know. I feel much better when I see him and my life was changed when I met him. He’s my go to person for anything health related.

    Norma Needham Speaker & Coach Australia

    A rare and genuine person. I highly recommend Will and his team for any ailments you may have.

    Josiph Alvaro Alvaro Transport , Australia

    I thank the man above for blessing my life with awesome people like Will Shannon. Being a professional Rugby League player during the season, and pre season my body is always under immense pressure. The service and methods have been nothing less than amazing! I am truly, very grateful. I highly recommend him.

    Tevita Funa Professional Rugby League Player


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One of Australia's most well known Naturopaths

Will Shannon is an internationally recognised authority on natural medicine and the science of Herbalism. His expertise (including as a naturopath) has been called on from individuals from around the globe; having personally consulted tens of thousands of people from over 140 countries.

Will Shannon has served as an advisor and Naturopath to leaders from all walks of life including global celebrities, actors, media, musicians and entertainment figures. In the sporting arena, he has advised national and international athletes. He has been a go to person for Australian athletes both male and female.

He has overseen protocols for players from 15 of the 16 major Australian Rugby League teams. His clients have included international players from Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and other places.

He’s also overseen protocols for a variety of Australian athletes both professional and amateur from MMA, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai and a variety of other disciplines in addition to Olympic and Commonwealth Games representatives in Hockey, Netball and other sports that compete on the grass, the ground, and the court.

In the area of politics his clients have included government departments and individuals including current and former heads of state and Government. He has also served as a consultant for the legal community.

Will Shannon is a 2nd generation practitioner of natural medicine whose father Eli Shamon started the Pinnacle brand of health clinics, and products. He is the founder of BioMediK Companies which offer health care, medical service and education to individuals globally, including those who might not otherwise have access to medical care.

He is a recognised catalyst in personal and social change and has been lauded for his training in understanding and protecting the access of medical care to minority groups.

He is committed to change in social systems and is trained in the Ericksonian approaches, direct and indirect negotiation, brief and family therapy, general, dynamic and systems theory applied to human relationships, conflict resolution, life cycle theory, the third side and human needs intervention.

He holds a Bachelor of Health Science, and Post Graduate qualification in Medical Science through Charles Sturt University in Australia. He also holds Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine.

He has studied with Denis Stewart whose considered the God father of Australian herbal medicine, who spear headed a renaissance of herbal medicine in Australia in the 1970's, and taught the first full time 3 year program on herbal medicine in Australia.

He’s been trained in posture assessment and intervention through Egoscue University® founded by Peter Egoscue who has been called the “father” of American posture therapy, and has been trained in lower limb biomechanics by Dr Abbie Najjarine, a podiatrist who was one of the early pioneers of orthotics and biomechanics in Australasia.

He has completed Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1 training whose work was founded by John and Julie Gottman and utilises this in his work.

He is currently studying science based qualifications through Harvard Medical School with the goal of bridging to be a Western Medical Doctor, and Strength & Conditioning Level 1 through Dan Baker's non profit government recognised Australian Strength & Conditioning Association.

He also is currently studying a Diploma in Sports Medicine through Barcelona F.C which covers rehabilitation, training, strength and a range of other things designed for health care professionals dealing with the athletic body.

He has studied Ayurveda ('the science of life'), a 3500 year old practise from India , and has been particularly influenced by the thought of Dr Vasant Lad B.A.M.S, M.A Sc, a teacher with over 40 years experience who runs one of the biggest international schools outside of India.

Ayurveda places an emphasis on nutrition, lifestyle, postural movement, the practise of breathing, and natural herbs for the renewal of body, mind, and spirit.

He had been featured or quoted in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Forbes, and in the past has been a regular contributor for Woman’s Day, Australia’s highest selling weekly magazine.

An occasional public speaker highlights have included speaking inside the U.N head quarters, and at the Clive Davis theatre at the Grammy® museum.

Personal highlights have included speaking at the same seminars as his holiness the Dalai Llama, business expert Brian Tracy, vocal expert Roger Love and Organic Ambassador Therese Kerr.

He has served in the capacity as an adviser to pharmaceutical giants GSK Pharmaceuticals and Haleon, that produce household name products such as Panadol, and Centrum vitamins.

He travels around Australia every year, including the Australian capitals Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, in addition to international destinations.

He has designed medicine, and food products to the standards of the Australian and Chinese government, for many years, with the Australian Government maintaining some of the most stringent controls on complementary medicine in the world.

He has knowledge of ASADA and World Anti Doping requirement when working with national and international athletes, and has worked to ensure athletes have substances consistent with the requirement of these legislation including staying up to date with the latest updates to these codes.

He has served as President of the Australian Complementary Medicine Association.

His work through the World Health Care Council has assisted people in the 2nd and 3rd world obtain access to life saving care. The WHCC offers frame work, guidelines and training programs for government and private sector for development and implementation of health care systems.

He is the author of the forthcoming book "Big History: An Introduction - A brief history of the last 13.82 billion years", and is an Amazon #1 best selling author.

He has introduced, contributed to the popularisation of, adapted, or been an early implementer of much equipment popular in Europe, such as Germany or Switzerland, the United States and other places.

He is based in Sydney, Australia.