Natural Healing: A brief history of time

For many years I wanted to create a new field.

The word Naturopath (Nature-ur-path or Nat-u-ro-path as it’s pronounced in Australia) was first coined by the German immigrant to America in 1905 Benedict Lust.

Inspired by some of the hydro therapy schools in Germany he set up an institution in America which endured for decades?

Before this word, the term given to natural healers was Natural Hygienists (from the word Natural Hygiene) or just Hygiene.

Going back before this the word Vitalism was used, which is now a defunct term from the belief that the body had an inherent life force, or vital force you needed to activate.

I noticed what I was doing was significantly different than most Naturopaths out there to the point where even though I felt there was over lap I felt I was practising in virtually a different field.

I coined the term Vital Biology, in that Biology means the study of life, and Vital I felt meant “bringing the spark or force back to life.”

To achieve this end I wasn’t just pushing synthetic vitamins and minerals, or a yoga class but was going much deeper to the core of what I believed created human physical symptoms.

I combined the best that had been practised for thousands of years into a structured system that was teachable and could go through with other people. I really believed I touched on every base I could.

I watched people come and go in this industry since the 1980’s in the Western world, and I watched Ayruvedic practitioners practise on beliefs systems for thousands of years. I looked at the advantages, and what I believed where inherently weak belief systems in parts of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and also applied some core organising principles from other fields.

I now teach this to allow someone to become a Vital Biologist. There is two levels of courses. One for the existing qualified professionals such as myself that are Naturopaths, Nutriionists, and Herbalists, and one for the generaly public with an interest in getting started in health care.

As society’s changed I’ve put this onto the internet in a way tha tis reachable for anyone in the world to study and understand.

Given the period of time we have gone through where Traditional medicine for a period was not well accepted in the Western world, and now I have seen the appearance of several schools, and in increase in student attendance I felt the need to contribute to the market place what I thought was a good standard course for those seeking to be a practitioner in the natural healing arts.

Those seeking clinic hours with me can contact the clinic on (02) 9890 7004 or send an email to where I am more than happy to enable students to take the bridge from clinic hours, and study to real world experience and develeop their calibre as a practitioner in the real world.

To sign up for the online course their is a link below where there is a plethora of online content for students, or suitably qualified practitioners to fixate themselves with while improving their skills.